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Meeting with Jack

Last evening, I finally had the opportunity to meet with Jack. I spent several hours wandering the streets. Jill barely knew her street names and rather gave me a series of landmarks to track down. This made my journey that much more difficult. However, I finally approached an old house which resembled the one Jill had described.

No one appeared to be home so I decided to poke my head around the back of the house. That was when Jack appeared. He silently entered the tiny backyard and called out to me. It startled me but then I realized the grandness of this opportunity. I asked him if his name was Jack and he confirmed it was. I then went on to take full advantage of this opportunity lay down in front of me and uncover all I could. What Jack didn’t know was our conversation was all recorded. The most important parts will be posted shortly…

Meeting with Jill

My meeting with Jill went according to plan. She gave me a lot of details. But in order to protect her identity from Jack I can’t divulge them quite yet. Needless to say, I gained a lot of insight. The most important thing is I think I may indeed be able to track down Jack now.


Burtis’ Role

I have also been reviewing Burtis’ role, as Bond seems to be particularly suspicious of her. When I listened to the supposed call from her grandma, it seemed off. First, the level of disrespect was unbelievable. Also unbelievable was the voice used by the grandma. I suspect Burtis used her extensive background in Audacity to make a fake phone call. However, I do not necessarily believe that it was Jack who she made contact with. She’s hiding something but, I’m unsure what it is quite yet.

Finally made contact with Jill.

Just this evening, a strange young woman named Jill made contact with me. She claimed to have some information on this Jack fellow. However, for protection of her she’s asked to meet in private. I plan to meet with her later this evening to find out all I can. Hopefully, I will be able to make contact and really progress forward in this Jack case.

I don’t know Jack?

This week, I registered the Aconitum.Napellus for some sort of case. I figured it would be a good way to get the word out and build up my portfolio further. Soon after, I got a response from Martha Burtis. She said Bond was interested in getting further information about Jack.¬†It’s been a long week already. A friend passed away suddenly and I had to report a pair of students for dishonest behavior. Unfortunately, these issues took priority for most of this week.

I finally made time to watch Bond’s video tonight. Countless things have gone on at his agency involving the … However, ¬†someone who has nearly flown under the radar is some strange person named Jack. He appears to be somehow connected to all the strange occurrences in the last few months. Black had met with Jack and didn’t seem quite the same after; Jota was also contacted by Jack; Martha Burtis appeared to act very strange whenever he came up and also participated in a strange phone call. My first goal is to find out who Jack is so it may be possible to contact him and uncover what his role is.